It is disclosed in a ground-breaking new book called “Disease X” that not much is known about this illness, which is why it has been given the designation Disease X. According to specialists, the planet is home to an infinite number of viruses, which may be the cause.

The Lifestyle Desk in New Delhi: The book claims that there are billions of viruses in existence, but very little is known about them. According to the book’s authors, the next pandemic could potentially kill 50 million people, just as the Spanish Flu did ten years ago, which killed untold numbers of people.

Disease X
Disease X

Kate Bingham, a former leader of the UK Vaccine Task Force, and Tim Hames, a former journalist and political adviser, have written a book titled “The Next Killer: How to Stop the Next Pandemic Before It Starts.” They talk about Disease X in this book. In a section of the book that was made public by The Daily Mail, it was revealed that viruses are the most common and diverse forms of life on Earth and that many of them are harmful to people. They stressed that scientists have identified 25 different virus families, each of which has hundreds or thousands of unique viruses, any of which may trigger a pandemic.

They also cautioned against the possibility of viruses spreading quickly from animals to people as evidenced by incidents like HIV/AIDS, COVID-19, and Ebola.Then how harmful is Disease X? The World Health Organization (WHO) has already issued a warning regarding the potential emergence of Disease X, the following pandemic. The diseases for which we presently lack a cure are included in the WHO’s list of hazardous illnesses. Many medical professionals think that the likelihood of the next pandemic, which could be even deadlier, cannot be relied upon.

Disease X
Disease X

Viruses like Ebola, which has a 67% fatality rate, avian flu, which has a 60% mortality rate, and MERS, which has a 34% mortality rate, should be kept in mind even though the majority of people have recovered from COVID-19. Future pandemics must be avoided by the development of vaccines and treatments. The infrastructure and oversight of the healthcare system must be strengthened as well. Even though we are unable to foresee the precise timing of the next epidemic, Certainly, we may begin preparing for it.

Disclaimer: The suggestions mentioned in this article are provided for informational purposes only; professional medical advice is not intended. Always discuss any questions or concerns you may have with your healthcare provider.

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